Copy is King… but only when copy gets read.

We make it look
good in print!

Dave Keizur Graphic Design
What happens
when your
gets read?

» Your copywriting
   closes sales

» Your response
   rate increases

» Your sales increase

» You get more
   new customers

» You get much more
   from your media

For your advertising to be effective…

It has to look good in print!!

Great copy is imperative — great design gets copy read
What is your barrier to advertising success? Chances are, it's not the copy, but
the design layout itself.

There is an art to direct–market design which most graphic designers have not
mastered, much less even know about. Your goal is not to show off "pretty pages"
but to generate a want or need for your product or service.

What's the first step in obtaining interested customers?
Obviously, it's getting them to read your advertising. Anything less than that is a
waste of your time and resources.

Advertising is your message made visible. The more compelling it is to the eye, the
better chance there is of it actually getting read, rather than ignored or tossed aside.

Dave Keizur Graphic Design formats the words and images in your advertising
media to be effective, instead of just pretty.

Don't waste another dime of your ad budget on advertising that isn't pulling in results.
We can help you turn suspects into prospects, tire–kickers into customers.

Contact us today!
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